Clarks technology is built into every shoe

You shouldn't have to compromise great comfort for great style, and with Clarks, you don't have to. A commitment to comfort-first technology enables Clarks to create three distinct shoe collections


Clarks Artisan

Clarks Active Air® is a network of air channels and chambers in the footbeds that allow air to circulate with every step, absorbs shock impact as the heel strikes the ground, and helps deliver the correct level of cushioning in the right places.

Active Air offers the ultimate in underfoot cushioning even in the highest heels.

The cushioned footbeds contain soft inner soles that provide a light, air-cushioned effect when you walk. This long-lasting comfort comes from a double layer that won't flatten out as you move through your day. Durable outsoles also offer long-lasting wear.

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Clarks Unstructured

The Air Circulation System in the Clarks Unstructured® collection is like having climate control management right at your feet. How does it work? Air intake vents along the edge of the outsoles draw in cooler, fresher air from the outside. Internal air channels circulate the air, forcing warm, moist air back out. This helps reduce odor and leaves feet feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day.

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Clarks Bendables

Clarks Bendables are so flexible, they "give" with every step you make. Bendable flex grooves built into the outsoles are designed to move with the natural motion of your foot so you can walk easier and more comfortably.

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