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Callus Treatment Products Help Eliminate Calluses
A callus, the thick hard skin usually found on the ball of the foot, heel or over any bony prominence, forms as a result of a process called hyperkeratosis, the thickening of the skin due to friction and pressure. If you have a callus, you should consider using one of FootSmart’s callus treatment products to help soften these rough patches on your feet.
Use a Callus Treatment Product to Soften Calluses
The best way to beat calluses is to start wearing properly fitted shoes that provide good shock absorption for the sole. That means no longer wearing shoes that inflict pressure or irritation on your feet.

Another good technique is to use a callus treatment product, an especially good tactic on tough calluses. Apply callus treatment cream to the foot callus and entire foot if desired. To see faster results, apply the callus treatment cream to the callus twice daily.

FootSmart sells many different types of callus treatment products, such as the following:
  • Doctor’s Choice AM/ PM Callus Remover – This callus treatment product provides round the clock treatment for calluses. In the morning, apply a thin foam strip with a Hydrocolloid pad. Wear this hospital-grade pad throughout the day to moisturize and soften calluses, while relieving pressure and pain. Before bed, replace with a salicylic acid patch, which works overnight to help dissolve painful calluses that have been softened during the day. Repeat the process until the problem is gone. This callus treatment product, however, is not recommended for those with diabetes.
  • Podiatrist’s Secret Callus Treatment Cream – This non-greasy, fragrance-free callus treatment cream softens and controls callus build-up to help relieve rubbing and painful shoe pressure. The rich moisturizing formula with 20% Urethin penetrates deep into hardened skin, and gently but powerfully goes to work, helping break down unsightly buildup. Simply apply the callus treatment cream directly to the callus each day.
  • The Credo Callus Rasp Pedicure File is a great callus treatment product that features a rough side to reduce calluses, plus a fine side to smooth previously filed skin. A callus file or other pedicure file is a great callus treatment product that can help soften and smooth down rough callus skin.

To eliminate discomfort caused by calluses, you can also try limiting the length of time you wear high heels, or stop wearing them altogether. Also, use insoles and inserts in your shoes to combat pressure points and rubbing.


Although calluses do not present a long-term or serious health risk, they can be painful. If changing your shoes and/or using a callus treatment product does not help alleviate symptoms, you may want to see a podiatrist for additional treatment.

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