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Use a Bunion Sleeve to Find Relief from Awful Bunion Pain
A bunion is a bony protrusion of the great toe joint that can cause friction and pain when wearing shoes. Slip on an ultra-thin bunion sleeve and prepare to experience remarkable relief from the pain and nagging discomfort caused by bunions. Bunion sleeves not only feels good against your skin, it relieves friction caused by shoes that can exacerbate bunion pain even further, and provides superior cushioning that stays in place all day long.

A bunion sleeve fits easily over your foot and into most shoes, and most are made from a very lightweight material such as nylon or spandex.
  • The Epitact Bunion Sleeve, for example – sold by FootSmart – is just one millimeter thick, and features a strategically placed Epithelium gel module that is sewn right into the bunion sleeve. The module stays securely in place under sock and/or stockings. The Epitact Bunion Sleeve, however, is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes or poor circulation.
  • The Bunion Care Sleeve, also sold here on, has an advanced polymer gel pad to shield bunions from shoe/sock/hosiery friction. This product stands out, however, due to a medical grade mineral oil that is slowly released to moisturize and soften skin. Like the Epitact Bunion Sleeve, however, the Bunion Care Sleeve is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes.
Clearly, a bunion sleeve can be especially effective at relieving shoe pressure when walking, especially if you combine the use of a bunion sleeve with better footwear that provides more wiggle room for toes.

In severe cases, when a sleeve does not provide enough pain relief, The Podiatry Institute suggests you see a doctor to determine if corrective surgery is needed.

For more information about a bunion sleeve and all of our bunion products, please visit our product section or sign up for our free catalog.

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